First infantry unit completed.

As mentioned before, I prefer to use white undercoating with inks/washes. Block colour is only used when inks are not available.  Below outlines the method used.

1. First base the figures and add basing gravel… Spray over with white.


2. I then add a wash of Ronseal Satin Walnut Acrylic Floor stain at 1:2 (Stain/water). This lifts the detaill and gives an initial shadow to the model.


3. Complete painting of the models using inks/washes/dry brushing highlights and block colour. At the end I gave a 1:1 *stain/water) wash to the complete model and base. After the final wash I gave flesh, metal parts and the bonnets an extra highlight.

Battlegroup 1

Battlegroup 1

4. I have attempted to make Gorse from Medium Green Clump Foliage and dry brushed yellow. Next time I think I will give the clump foliage a wash as well as it seems to contrast just a little too much for my taste, The remainder of the base was done by try brushing with Stone. Then a 1:2 wash followed with a light dry brush of white.