Thoughts after second practice game.

Byron and I played a second practice game list night. Byron brought TYW with swedish brigades min mounted requirements. I tried out the 1644 Marston Moor list option with the Superior foot options. The board had terrain down the wings and a few bits in my centre area. The wings where held. Deployment was a bit cramped and the superior foot ended up holding the hanging flank. Bit of waste really. Poor troops did what they do well provided support bonuses. Problem being to support the superior units i need to take a “good covenanter” average unit out of the line. Overall we stopped the game midway through due being late. The feeling was as expected the swedish brigades are scary, but a properly supported average line of pike and shot should have chance. We found the massed artillery can knock out the odd unit and if I had have a few more mounted units so real problems could have been caused for byrons flank. After much a do, we felt the 1650 list would give me the options I needed and still allow the army to have the look and feel I am aiming for.