How I did my flags.

A couple of players, kindly commented on the flags and how well they looked. Thank you.  Below is a description of how I did them.

  • Research your flag. There plenty of freebie ones on the internet. I use Wargames Designs as they are good quality image.
  • I use photoshop, but any graphics package will do, resize to a flag height of 28mm for 15mm. This I find gives a good size flag with out being over bearing.
  • I set the pixel ratio to 1:100, this pushes up the print quality.
  • Print onto good quality white paper. I find cheap paper tears too easy when gluing to the flag staff.
  • Cut out and cover the inside with PVA glue. You want the paper flag as “damp” as you dare. This is so that as you fix to the flag staff, you can shape the flag with folds/wind flapping. If doing more flag per unit, make sure they sit the same way across the shoulder of the standard bearer. Its very annoying when you find the wind is blowing in two different ways.
  • When shaping the flags, make them similar but not uni-formal. Flags flap slightly differently.
  • Once the PVA is fully dry, using inks, tidy up the edges to remove the white paper join where you have not got the fold over exactly right.
  • I then wash with a 1:7 brown wash to remove the fresh printed look
  • Spray with Matt varnish to give the final non-printed look.

Hope you found this useful.