Border Reivers v’s Marcs Spanish (Result 7-13)

The final game of the day saw me against Marc’s Spanish. Lots of small units which will be hard for me to pin down with only a few units. The plan was to chance my arm on the left and hopefully draw in a few more units of Marc… This nearly ended in disaster, with me only managing to hold on and disengage and hope I did not run out board space. In the centre. The plan was to pin down the infantry. My main attack again went in on the right. Picking on the two units there. I did eventually manage to capture the camp and break in. I lost too many units. To be honest in a full 3.5hr game, I suspect my camp would have been captured. My bane, was the gendarme unit will even thou fragmented held me off just a little to long. A fun game in which I learnt a few things on how to use light horse against an army just as maneuverable as myself. Unfortunately the camera ran out of battery so only two pictures I am afraid.