Oxford BHGS Doubles – Game 1 (7-18)


The start of the weekend found Don and I drawn in against Tim  Porter (www.madaxeman.com) and Geoff with their Pirates. This was always going to be an interesting match up because… We get advantage at impact and are basically a highly maneuverable mounted army against a only slightly slower army with no mounted, but a lot of muskets. As we both have swordsmen capability, melees would be evens…

We managed to win the PBI and on sound advice from Don selected the terrain types we thought they would want. the idea being to try and place them out of the main gaming area. with the outcome of the terrain, we decided to place three mounted units in ambush in a gully. The pirates deployed center/right and we spread across the board. our plan being to punch center left and the left flank. Once the pressure was applied we would spring our ambush to hopefully stop reserves being moved over…

The game was great fun… starting off badly for us with dons first mounted unit to advance to be shot off and left no choice to charge in without support only to be munched. We started to applied pressure on the left, taking a unit to open up the flank of another unit… Only to have this unit survive 3x drops to fragmented, 2x flank charges and endless rounds of combat. The unit even went on to kill our generals, further compounding our problems.  We did manage to get a few units and the baggage, but in the end the pirates captured our baggage and break the army.

We will look forward to Tim’s write-up as the “bubbles” will be worth read. Don and I made a few mistakes, principally our advancing piece meal and skirmishing against an army that was nearly as fast as ourselves. It was our first outing together, also with the army. Banter was think in the air.  Although we lost the game big style, to take 7pts off Tim is not to be sniffed at.

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