Oxford BHGS Doubles – Game 2 (11-9)


The afternoon saw Don and I against another, but very much larger musket shooty army, which included elephants and bowmen. Don and I again made the mistake of forming a plan. Deciding the bowmen would be a problem for our mounted we decided we would engage them with armored Mongol cavalry. Our dragoons would occupy the elephants and the remaining Mongol cavalry would engage the musket foot. Well that was the plan…

We started well, winning PBI getting the terrain largely how we wanted it. We would refuse the right flank until the bowmen present themselves as a target. our dragoons would mass in the center and I would take most of the other mongol cavalry to attack the left flank. during the game we thought Don was turning over one of the nellie units, until we released and fessed up that they had been taking tests too soon…

We pushed out as planned… Then our dragoons made shooting contact… within two moves they where falling back pretty sharpish… three of the units in full rout! On the left we worked our cavalry into position and attacked… a few moves later they where running back.. if unplanned but in good Mongol fashion. Having lost two generals in combat. Sparking the quip, “generals are for wimps”. Our opponents pressed forward sensibly… A quick pep talk from Don and frantic rushing around by our two remaining generals found us in the final third of the game, reformed and waiting on the back edge for our opponents troops to arrive.

Which they did. The armored cavalry charged on the right and turned over our opponents units and on the left we managed to chip away and get a couple of units, the classic Mongol counter attack to be hold their LANCER armed cavalry with a weakened dragoon unit, long enough for a Mongol unit of cavalry to hit them in the flank, breaking them. Sterling plan. Nothing to do with extreme of dice of course.

The game went full time ending an unexpected small win our part after what appeared to be near disaster mid game.

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