Making my own cherry blossom trees…

I am wanting to model some matching terrian to go with the army. So, cherry blossom trees seems a good idea. I may even model some smaller ones into the units. After a few failed attempts this seems to be a workable method.

1. Lichen (As Paddy pointed out on my scots from last year, makes the bases look like fish tank decorations…)
2. Green garden wire.
3. Straws
4. Gravel/scatter
5. 2p’s
6. Glue (super glue and pva)
7. White spray
8. Blossom colour of choice.

1. Cut 4 short lengths of wire. Long enough to be doubled over to make stems/branches.
2. Double over the wire and twist the strands together to make a trunk and 8 branches. Set the bottom loops out to hold the tree up right.
3. Cut a length of straw to be the trunk. Slide over the wire. Spray out feet and branches.
4. Glue base of trunk to the 2p. I would use super glue to ensure an easy first fixing.
5. Arrange/snip branches to preference.
6. Add some pva glue along the branch and slide on the lichen.
7. Add pva to base and gravel scatter. Leave to dry.


At this stage you could just paint the base and trunk and have some nice autumn themed trees.

However, undercoated in white then painted with a light pink colour and added basing. Final coat of spray Matt varnish. I shall be making a few more of these for terrian choices and May model smaller ones into the units.