Britcon 2014 – Friendly Game (6 -14 approx)

Simon (“the Aussie”) (currently ranked 3rd in the UK) and we spent the evening having a friendly game against his Thirty Years War Germans. Again this was another mounted heavy army. It was a very aggressive game with lots combat and banter all the way through. Although, Simon was reduced to using a pen and pad as he has lost his voice 🙂 Again I pushed out into the playing area and took the battle to him. On the right I was in real danger of beating him there and pushed back his attack.

In the center I pushed and even captured a battery of heavy guns with a samurai unit. This unit pursed into the guns after beating very quickly a Kurrissier unit that attacked them. On the left his Light horse where thrown back and even one unit was fragmented from bow fire from the ashigaru.

Eventually after repeated charges and few dead generals it was clear the balanced had tipped into Simons favour. It was late so we called it.

With a bit of planning you can get a warrior battle line to move very quickly across the board. For the unprepared this can put a real spanner in the works with your opponents battle plan.

The game felt much tighter and the estimated final score reflects that.