Britcon 2014 – Game 1 (0-25)

Alasdair and I by mutual agreement start our game nice and early. Alasdair has Thirty Years War French with min Foot and max mounted supported by dragoons. Alasdair’s army has two allied generals. He is the master of using horse so the score was never in real doubt. However my plan was to take as much of the board space to restrict his ability to zip around the board. Then once he was boxed in, go for the kill with overlaps by bullying one of his units with many of mine. (In FOGR warrior troops fighting as an overlap his on a 3+).

Alasdair overloaded my right and added support from his artillery which successfully targeted some of my ashigaru units I had foolishly left hanging out in the open. I played very aggressively push out into the center and left flank. At the end of the game i have boxed in his left flank and was in danger of getting a few units and his baggage. My warrior monk allies where bearing down on his infantry and artillery.

My right: Well, overload does not even come close. I managed to form a second line. but the fleeing units burst through and even the hatamonoto guards broke. One point of fun was when my samurai cavalry held up his vastly superior determined horse for 4 rounds.

Alasdair provided some very good feedback and stated i had played correctly to push and take the space away, but leaving my ashigaru out from behind the samurai foot gave him a certian oppertunitity.

A few pics from the game: