Britcon 2014 – Game 2 (24-1)

Saturday morning found me firmly at the bottom of the table along with Mike with his Later Henrician English. Date wise our armies were ~6 years part. Mike’s army was made up a lot of Longbowmen, some billmen and two large Landsknecht Keils. These will cause me problems.

I decided to fill as much of the board as possible for forest which should tame his longbowmen shooting. We both deployed in the same third of the board, except I extended my battle line to try to get in a flank attack. I planned to hold against his Keils and try to beat everything else.

The first phase of the game consisted of us moving units around, trying to get a local advantage. I pushed up against his keils and tried to unsuccessfully push down my extreme right flank. The allied command (“warrior monks”) pushed round and targeted the one longbow unit in extended line. Mike moved a number of his longbow units up through his central woods to try and get them into a flanking position of my defensive right flank.

The second phase was around attack on the left and holding actions on my right. I ended up with a samurai cavalry unit attacked the end of his keil to stop it interfering with my attack against the other keil on the inside centre. By this time the english units where starting to waver under my attack and to counter attack Mike pushed a large billmen unit into a much smaller samurai unit. This was not looking good for me. However! The Samurai fought with extreme bravery and routed this unit just as other english units started to collapse. (Or, I was very lucky with the dice). during this time the allied samurai cavalry had gone on a walkabout and go into a position to threaten the English Baggage. This had the effect of drawing off English supporting units from the main battleline.

The Final phase consisted of English units breaking and causing a chain reaction of morale failures which ended just before time was called with the English Army being broken. during this time all but one of the English generals was killed.