Britcon 2014 – Game 3 (13-6)

Unfortunately the phone camera ran out of battery. So more pictures.

This game saw me drawn against Ian Poade’s Later Royalist English. This army would be a mixture of veteran foot regiments and various grades of Cavalier horse. This would be an challenging game depending on the combination that Ian had put together. In the end it consisted of a number of superior all musket units. A few average pike and shot units and then a selection of dragoons, good quality Cavalier horse regiments.

I decided again the fill the board with as much terrain as possible to limited the open areas his mounted units could attack me in. I deploy in two large groups on the extremes of my flanks. Again I was going for a holding attack while the other flank pushed round. Ian deployed in a balanced way in the middle third of his table. He left my left flank open. This was where my main attack would go in.

Ian pushed forward and i closed slowly against his battle line. He has a lot of superior shooters which I had to be careful about. On my right an opportunity presented itself with an average pike and shot unit with a commanded shot unit in support. The samurai charged in… We where to spend the rest of the game in very no-event combat until his units finally broke, right at the end of the game.

In the centre Ian brought up his battle line to fire on my main samurai line. After a few very close rounds to shooting I was forced to charge into his superior. Eventually he managed to break a few of the units, but I was able to rally them back and bring them back up. In a rash moment I decided to charge two mounted samurai units in some unprotected infantry in the centre only to have both of my units drop to fragmented.

On my left the hook was able to work and pushed into is right end of the battle line, defeating a number of units before time was called.