Britcon 2014 – Game 4 (3-21)

The final game of the day saw me facing the very competent Matthew Poole and his Thirty Years War French. An army I was not looking forward to meeting. The reason: With the regimental guns and the impact factors of the infantry units my samurai are going to be out classed. At impact on average I would have 6 dice needing 5s versus 7 dice needing 4s. It was going to be painful.

The right hand two sides of the board was filled with forests and fields, at least closing down some of the open spaces. Matthew deployed on my right with a concentration of foot regiments supported by his Weiman allies. I had to match this, but deployed number of units to push through the central forests and try to fall on the end of his battle. I was also hoping to take a couple of his dragoon units trying to screen off that part of the board.

I slowly pushed forward and moved the a few strong units into the left flank sector to stop his mounted to moving down that way and turning my battleline. The Warrior monk allies pushed the dragoons back in the forests. Eventually I was able to destroy two of these units. I cherry picked two of his average units to attack. Both of these failed. By this time his main line was putting effective fire into my samurai battle line, leaving me know other choice but to charge unfavourably into his infantry regiments. This batch of combat failed completely and all of the samurai units where destroyed. Largely through casualties and not morale checks.

one piece of luck was when Matthew rashly charge a unit of my bowmen out in the flank centre to also follow onto my Hatamonto guard. This enabled me to squeeze few points out of the game as the mounted unit was broken in short order.

As with the last game, I really missed not having the extra two foot samurai units over the mounted units. The game lasted 3hrs (30 mins short of full time) before my army was finally broken.