Britcon 2014 – Final scores and musing.

Well… That was an interesting roller coaster ride. I really enjoyed playing the samurai. It is fun army to use and can hold its own against. More types of armies than it can’t. On my limited experience, Thirty Years War French foot are its nemesis. If there was a single army capable of beating everything then we all would be using it and that would get boring very quickly.

So, what do i think.

* Do not take much lancer armed cavalry. As per the advice in an open competition it has a limited capability. I think one unit of the horse archer version is prober,y the best. I believe “Miss Shogun” herself Lynette uses two.

* When used in pairs with a TC , warrior units can get across the board very quickly and as fast as a regular division of foot. (If used right, 12″ in two moves). This unexpected speed is an quality to be capitalised on.

* Bring the max of heavy armoured samurai and as many more as you wish. They are your stable diet the army.

* A GC is needed to help with surviving the close range shooting so that you can charge without loosing dice.

* The whole list has many variations so you are not limited to single combination.

* The armour factor at long range advantage cannot be under estimated. It more than once saved me from two or more hits.

I see this will be a regular army for me at competition and I will be as “boring” as Ben with his selection of Thirty Years War French. 🙂


I was not last :p