Britcon 2014 – Game 6 (1-24)

Who would have thought it. I had drawn Simon (ranked 3rd and who we had a practice game with on Friday evening). So I was officially up against Simon’s horse heavy TYW Germans. A lot of heavy metal. On the plus side he had lost his voice and was using sign language (well a random Aussie version of it) with a pad and pen. Of course wargamers are a sympathetic lot; he didn’t get any micky-taking at all… Honest 🙂

So given it was a mounted army facing me I tried to fill the table with terrain but a nice flat open space was provided. Oh hum here we go…..

Taking the learning points provided and learnt, I needed to take as much of the board to try to close down his ability to zip around the board. I divided my army into three all arms groups and kept them mutually supporting. Left flank, centre-ish and right flank. Simon deployed his army centre and my right. Four guns going down with more targets than a turkey shoot. The table sagged under the weight of all of our heavy armor.

I had first move and into the breach we advanced gaining half way before the real action started. I used the push a unit of cavalry out to delay his light horse. This worked, but a series of effect carbines and artillery sent them routing in short order. But I had a good portion of the board.

On the extreme right Simon pushed his dragoons round and matched them with some armored archers. We had some comical moments where slow evades on his part was matched with slow pursuits. Eventually capturing both, but only able to kill one. This put me in a good place to threaten his foot and baggage.

Also the right the hatamoto moved up to join the samurai vs kurrissiers fight that was going on. They very nearly failed morale immediately and quickly started to loose bases. I think they where gamed out. After some furious combats my samurai on this side broke, not after a few horse hair raising moments for Simon.

On the left a a bit of dancing with the warriors and a rash charge by Simon left one unit ready to be ping ponged by the samurai, but casualties else where caused the army to break.

As always with Simon it was fun and hard fought Game. Comparing how my friendly went against him and my nemesis game went against Alasdair I was playing much tighter and things where coming together to deal with the all mounted armies.