Game 2 (10 – 10) Bob Amey – 100YW English


So game 2 found me fighting the one army I wanted to avoid that weekend. Bob’s 100 years war english. Massed longbow. Although the effect could be same as WW1 machine gunners at village fair coconut shy stand. So how will I dig myself out of this one? Flank march. Let’s see.

So I sent three units of lancer cavalry off on a flank march round the right. See you latter lads. May be. Bob had very nice terrian layout. His flanks where secured by two very big woods. (Unless my flank march arrives hehe). So the English deployed with massed archers forward. Units of man at arms in support. A unit of gendarmes in main reserve and his one unit of LH skulking over behind the my right flank woods, nice and safe …until my flank march arrives. The LH was currently blocked in by archers and an early arrival of the flank march would cause all sorts of mayhem for Bob.

I deployed behind the terrian cover I case bob had chosen the artillery in his list and to give me two man manuover groups in case he came forward, I if fully expected him to do and darken the sky’s with arrows. As the quote goes. “We’ll be fighting in the shade then.”. So I don’t do much and neither does Bob, except to manuover units to protect against the flank march. Happy with this. Not fighting in the shade. I push a couple of units up to stop any chance of a massed march. We did have one point of excitement. My LH was able to get into position to take a few cheap shots at Bob’s gendarmes and a heavy foot unit. No casualties but it did get a reaction. Bowmen where brought over so we dropped back.

At about half way through the game, my flank march rolled to come on. Seeing the opportunity was gone to bully his LH and chance a breakthrough I brought them on my side of the board in support of my LH. The rest of the game was spent with me checker boarding the lancer cavalry and LH on the hill in preparation of the onslaught of longbows. Also I pulled my remaining LH from the left over. Bob wasn’t really coming forward and I certainly wasn’t going forward into that lot. Bob offered a draw, which I happily took. Clearly my Reivers had voted No last Thursday in the referendum.

A game played safe and controlled game and I would have come forward with that amount of longbowmen. I cannot challenge the style, too much as Bob finished 4th. In FOGAM I remember seeing Bob finishing regularly higher up the scores. A lesson to bear in mind. Sometimes attack is not always the best defense and a bit of restraint to see how things pan out does work.