Game 3 (14 – 6) Jerry Bray with Venetian


Final game of day saw me drawn against Jerry who I know very well from my old club, Oxford. Jerry is a very long standing Wargamer of old but is often on the receiving end of banter relating to crossing the middle of the board. However, this phobia 🙂 is on the mend so I will have to be very careful.

I opted to move second as Venetians has the option to bring a few gendarmes and plenty of supporting artillery. I need to see where they go. So jerry opened proceedings with putting out some single units of light horse, one in each third of his deployment zone. Very sensible. A comical moment happened at this point. Jerry looking pleased with his spread of 3 LH was quickly squashed as I put out 5x units of LH as my first block out, against his one unit of LH in my left flank. Something, along the lines of. Your army is how big. I just grinned. I sent my three lancer cavalry units round my left flank. So things are are set nicely. Mmmm, we’ll see.

Jerry proceeded with a sensible deployment of putting units of gendarmes supported by two batteries of artillery on my left flank. His two Kiel’s and some LF in the centre to guard his baggage camp and a couple more LH out in my right flank. The only mistakes I think Jerry made where to move the LH in my right flank up onto the steep hill, thus taking them in effect out of the game. The other mistake I think was not to protect the artillery, but this ten would have restricted the options for his keils.

So, what happened. Jerry came forward with his army (eek) across the board. I push my left flank of LH (can LH count as being in a phalanx?) forward and start taking pot shots.

My centre units of LH push very aggressively down the open flank on the end of the keils. My right flank 2 units go and box in Jerry’s LH on the steep hill.

Jerry’s artillery has some effect, but with gendarmes eventually screening off the artillery targets. Jerry attacked on my left flank eventually pushing me back almost to my baggage camp. In the process Jerry takes a few units with well thought out individual attacks. Being LH saves the flank as I am able to shoot and scoot. Still no flank charge turning up. Getting nervous. While this is going on:

On my left centre I have managed get an overload of LH and push right round behind the keils. Eventually I take the baggage, artillery, his LH and start to threaten the rear of his successful attack down my left flank. The flank march rolls to arrive just in time before the end is called. Phew.

A very tight game with successes and failures for us both. I was able to fully utilise the movement and impact of massed LH. As known and again demonstrated the army lacks any “hold the line” troops. Future versions of the army will include either an English or Scottish ally.

Finished 7th overall and an improvement on last years outing with the army.