Looking towards Warfare 2014

So, Warfare at Reading is getting closer. Time to think about what I am going to take. My samurai is the obvious choice, but with chance of three others of same I think will not bother this year. A weekend of blue on blue does not appeal.

Well, Border Reivers again appeals, but they will be meeting too many armies that will just off them off the board. That left me with cavalry horse archers. My mongols have not had a run out for a while. After a bit of army list investigation, it looks like the early option of the Muhgal list. This will provide massed superior armoured bow sword cavalry at 64pts a hit. Also introduces an interesting historic character, Babur. Creator of the Muhgal Empire and a decedent of Timur by father and Genghis by Mother. There we go sorted. Finally list comes out at spot 800pts.