This years Warfare 2014 Army List.

This years competition is:

“FOGR (Regnans in Exelcis – 15mm, 800points, 6’x4’-ish tables) – 32
Armies and the options chosen must be dated before 1570. No Battle Troops with Musket, Musket*, Salvo or Impact Pistol may be used.”

So I have opted for an armoured superior horse archer list. Also by taking this choice I have minimal painting to do.

Colonies and Conquest.

Date 1508 AD, page 84.


Points: 800.
PBI: 2+
4x TC’s

  • 8x BG’s of 4x Cavalry, Superior, Armoured, Bow, Sword.
  • 1x BG of 4x Cavalry, Average, Unarmoured, Bow, Sword.
  • 3x BG’s of 3x Light Horse, Average, Unarmoured, Bow, Sword.