Onto Rollcall 2015 – Big Toys Samurai…

So Rollcall 2015 is only 10 weeks away and attention end turned to what to take.?.?..? Well after a few weeks bashing excel, reading the small print of the various lists and considered revamping my old Landsknect 25mms I decided on Samurai!!!

Why? The 25mm competition is an open theme on 6ft tables. This means that foot will have a bigger breath of frontage vs space. This will cause mounted issues trying to slip past flanks. Samurai 25mm has always been on the to-do list and cosmetically it will provide some nice eye candy.

The key point brought from Britcon 2014, where I fielded a 15mm version with only TCs. The lack of 2+ for morale and complex tests was noticeable. Basics for the will be 4x generals, 24x heavy armoured samurai, light foot unit for flank sectors, minimum ashigaru and as many armoured samurai as points will allow.

There is an option to bring a mounted unit… Jury Is out on this. It gives a lot of rear support to the main line, but will be outclassed by TYW/ECW type horse.