Proposed Samurai Army List….

So here is the proposed army list and thoughts behind it:

The Army: (Murakami)
Generals (1xIC, 2xTCs, 1x allied tc) 4 175
1 (A)Average armd spear 8 40
2 Average armd spear 6 30
3 Average armd bow 6 36
4 Average LF armd arquebus 6 43
5 Hatamoto spear 4 48
6 Samurai hvy armd spear 6 54
7 Samurai hvy armd spear 6 54
8 Samurai hvy armd spear 6 54
9 Samurai hvy armd spear 6 54
10 (A)Samurai armd spear 8. 64
11 Samurai armd spear 6 48

It’s an open competition and I do not fancy bring pike/shot. Having done some list lurking around early tercios I have settled on a bucket 28mm list. Samurai.

GC and 3 other generals is a must. GC to boost morale so you arrive well formed through the musket fire. Also warriors need 9s in effect to past complex tests. This is a fighting army so it’s generals in giving samurai units a reroll of 1s and 2s.

Superiors have been brought in 6s to keep the army break point up and the allied troops have been put into 8s to give them more resilience as they can only be managed by a single general

The list is mounted free as they will out classed.

The overall plan is to get into hand to hand as fast as possible before artillery and other shooting can do damage. I am hoping to have a similar number of manuover units as my opponents. This was a concern with the ET version.

Try to get plenty of terrian on the board, particularly plantations to block artillery.

Painting scheme
I am going to go for a bright scheme. Similar to that used by
Ravenflights army on slitherine. I will be applying a bit more deep shading and plan to use a navy ink thinned down. Followed by a dry brush in the colour being washed.

Basing, the jury is still out on that one… I quite enjoyed the diorama approach on my 15s, but concerned maybe too much… Less figs to paint though…