Club Game: my Later Swedes vs Ian Newell’s LOA (Scots) – Bloody 10-10

A nice but rare game of FOGR at the club. I ran out a detached version of my Late Swedes (1696) / 14 BGs versus a historical British/Dutch LOA (Scotland), also 14 BGs. The board was quite populated with rough and enclosed fields. I won PBI and selected agriculture. My left flank was largely open. In the centre and my centre right was enclosed fields.

Ian deployed across his deployment area in a multi rank checkerboard formation. I deployed in a single rank with the detached pikemen in rear support. I had the only artillery, 2x batteries, I deployed on my left centre. As they where only medium guns, Ian was able to deploy just out of range. Ian advanced which just pipped one unit in range… Eventually this was broken to a number of 1s, but was able to be rallied back before the end of the game. Ian kept his army army tight, but advanced out into both flank areas in strenght. This forced my left wing back of 1x average DH and a small dragoon unit. Ian was able to shoot off DH causing it to rout.

My right flank has held by another average DH, 1x small dragoon unit and a detached pike unit. The dragoons eventually dropped to fragmented and the pikes went disrupted… The centre end up with push from me and Ian rashly charged… On my left I was winning, but Ian broke one of my large superior units.., purely on cohesion for no base losses….

Called it after 2.5 hours… Both of us would get the odd unit, but I think in the end the Scots would out slightly better off….