New quick play rules nearly ready for release…

For a while I have been searching for simple set of quick play rules covering a broad period of history. Having not found any that really appeals, I have decided to write mine own.

The rules provide a simple approach that can be used to play Wargame battles irrespective of figure scale and are designed so that you can use your current collection without any changes. The rules focus on command and control as opposed to a traditional approach of distinct and detailed weapon factors, taking a light, very broad brush approach so that large games can be played in a few hours.

The command and control elements are held at the unit level. Generals are represented as a staff team and are only used in the concept of a planning trait. You define the type of staff team at the start of the game and then this sets the type of strategy used by the units under that staff team.

You need to decide if the unit’s capabilities are relative to the norm for the period. If the unit is better at shooting than other units of the period you may wish to give that unit shooting ability. All units are assumed to be able to shoot. You do have the option to declare a unit as no shooting ability. This is where you decide that the unit is not effective for the period or may not have a range weapon.

The rules allow games from the end of the dominance of the Swiss Keil to the end of The Mahdist Wars in the Sudan.

Soon to be released through the Amazon Kindle Book store.