Practice game with HOMABOD rules

This evening was a practice game against my son, MJ. It was a good test of the rules as he is only 7, during this game he was grasping the dice adjustments to workout how many dice he could throw. Tick on that one. I put together a French Indian Wars game and using a couple of FOW markers made the aim of winning to “capture the flag”. I set the british with shooting ability, so all MJ had to was line up and throw dice. Which he did, far too well. I set the French to have charge ability and ran a couple units of Huron Indians to try out the tribal rules.

In an hour it was clear the way the game was going. Victory to the british volley’s. The game brought out a few tweaks which have been added to the rules. These where to:

  • Up the basic break point from 5 to 6.
  • Up the basic shooting, charging and hand to hand dice from 5 to 6.
  • Tighten up the command radius from 4M to 2M.
  • Add the concept of fresh troops.

Just need to addin some diagrams to explain more clearly the elements of the rules, but I am still on track for the release date.


Game Setup: MJ’s british lined up opposite. French nearest the camera. Huron Indian allies in the woods to the left. Both armies have a Battle hard unit. This is dictated by the flags. MJ one the initiative and made a cautious advance.

MJ won the turn 2 initiative phase and proceeded to shred my units with volley fire. In the rules, the effects are applied immediately. The new additional of Fresh troops added a nice bit of spice to the game.

By the end of turn 4. (only an hours play) the French line was shredded and time was called and a very happy little person went up to bed…. Dice was used to record hits.