Starting prep for next project after the samurai – Waterloo 1815 – 54mm.

A number things that have been going on the background are coming together for the next project. 1815 battles using 1/32 figuares. These being designing some new rules, sourcing a few books for sentimental reasons and 1/32 figuares. 

The project is to build two 54mm armies around a division in size to play 1815 games. Thinking of Picton’s Division which was deployed to the left of the crossroads. It contained a number of colourful units, highlander regiments, british line, the 95th and some Brunswickers. I did not fancy Maitland and the attack of the Middle Guard. A little too “Hollywood” for me. Doing the left of the line and fancy a bit of my own “Hollywood” we can pick the Heavy Brigade for cavalry support. For the full order of battle Click here

The scale will quite small as I want it to fit on the standard 6ft wide table, so looking at 16 model regiment on about 8″ frontage. This a purely cosmetic approach.

 Well it is the 200 year anniversary, so would be rude not too. In the process of researching the project I came across this site with some lovely eye candy as we say in the hobby.

The Edingburgh Wargames Club all produce a beautiful game. Click here

Battle of Waterloo demo game at Salute 2013. Click here