FOGR Game at Totton Club, Samurai vs Ming Chinese.

The other weekend I was able to enjoy a game with Brendan and Paul.i played my samuari and they borrowed a Ming Chinese. We played 900pts and they won initiative. They chose mountains, so I picked 2x impassables and a steep hil. The thinking it would provide something to anchor on and limited their options to out flank me with an expected bigger size army.

Terrian was rolled for and I ended with most of it. On centre area flanks, 2x steep hills screening artillery nicely. The impassables went down in my right flank, protecting the baggage camp. The Ming had a large plantation on their right and a steep hill on the other flank. The centre was filled with fortications.

I decided to walk upto that in a broad front would be silly and obvious. So my plan was to put half of my army at each end of his battle line and try to punch through the corners. This was justified with their first deployment including 4x artillery straight down the centre between the steep hills. I deployed in two “french columns” out of arc and proceeded to rush my mounted samurai around the flanks. While moving the foot out to the extreme flanks. I brought the full 24 bases of armoured archers. Which proved invaluable. 

I was fortunate with having first move being able to block in the Ming cavalry arm against the plantation and the flank edge. On my left flank I moved my other Samurai cavalry round to the Ming back edge to force units out of place. Their centre remained static. After 2hrs of manovering I was in position to launch foot at his flanks. The attack went in on my right and was able to punch through , just as time was called. On my left, the  Ming where fighting in their back 6″ with samuari and Ashigaru bowmen having a ago.

It was an enjoyable game ending in a slight victory for the samurai. Although if scored, due to the Ming size it would have worked out a 10-10.