Rapid but effective figuare painting method

Thought I would explain my painting method I use to quickly get figures to the table… I only paint to game level and units look effective at 24″ or more…


1. If figure/base density is do -able, glue figures directly to the base with any grit/stones etc.

2. Spray white, including the base.

3. Wash in sepia ink… (1 ink:3 water) This stands out the detail,and provides first shading.

4. Block paint main areas of colour. Use a colour shade lighter than you would normally.

5. Paint belts weapons etc.

6. Heavy wash with dark shade quick shade.

7. Dry brush main areas with lighter colour shade.

8. Pick out key detail points and paint with a bright version of the colour… Draws in the eye.

9. Finish bases.

10. Over spray with Matt varnish. 

11. Final varnish I use a couple of coats of enamel! Satin spray.

1. Paint in a dark flesh colour.

2. Pick out nose, cheeks, chin and ears with a light flesh colour. “Indian war paint style”/block/dry brush.

3. Wash with dark quick shade to blend together.