Farnborough – Game 3

Final game saw me match against an old club member, Tom Ellsworth… We hadnt played in many a year and was hoping to get a game. Tom brought Early Louis French, which meant I would not have the advantage at impact…. This was going to be a challenge, but one we where up for. Final score was 21-3… giving me a firm hold on bottom place…

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Farnborough – Game 2

Game 2 sees me matched against Mark Fry and his Cromwells New Model Army List. His determined horse Ironsides as expected just roll over my jacobites, putting me firmly on the back foot by the end of move 3. Mark took the jacobite right, where as I managed to cause some damage on the centre and left. Including getting Cromwell himself, through a bit of cheeze of killing the horse he was attached to and no where to escape to…. The game ended a 22 – 3 to Mark. The game was great fun with lots of tense and fun moments…

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Jacobites at Farnborough Bash

Courstey of Tim Porter (www.madaxeman.com)

“laddies… Form column, uphill and we can pretend those charging DH lead by Cromwell aren’t there and it won’t smart as they are only on single plus”… Oh by the end of the game we had cheezed killing the DH and killed Cromwell 🙂 but don’t mention we still lost the game…


Match reports to follow: results.

1st – Ben Jones – 30 YW French 64
2nd Jim Gibson Late Imperial Spanish 59
3rd Pete Dalby 30 YW Swedes 52
4th Tim Porter 30 YW Catholic 50
5th Don Avis 45
6th equal Ray Boyles (Late Austrian Hapsburg) and Richard J-c (30 YW German) 44
8th Andrew Unwin Scots Montrose 38
9th equal Tom Elsworth (early Louis XIV) /Mike Shepherd (Early Louis XIV) 32
11th Marc Priest Later Russians 31
12th Mark Fry New Model Army 24
13th Byron Emson 30 YW French 18
14th Alan Brown Scots Covenanter 17
15th Dave Allen 30 YW French 15
16th Nigel Emson Scots Jacobite 10