Game reports and army used for Godendag 2015

This year saw my first visit to the Godendag FOGR Doubles competition. It is held in the very nice area of Usk. Simon Le-Meyer (aka Urban bunny) kindly agreed to partner me and impart some knowledge and tips. To this end I left army choice and design in his capable hands.

The Theme:

2) Field of Glory: Renaissance

Last Gasp of the Arquebus

Any army worldwide 1570-1609.
No more than one BG with Muskets.
At least 16 bases of mounted battle troops. No more than half of all mounted battle troops can be Superior or Elite.
No more than half of all foot battle troops can be Superior or Elite.
Army must have at least 6 bases of foot battle troops per heavy or medium artillery base.

Not to exceed 900 points.

Our Army: Later Austrian/Hasberg 1595AD

4x TCs/15 BGs

“Attack Force” – Simon
3x mounted BGs of 4x Kurrissiers, superior, heavy armoured etc.
1x mounted BG of 4x cav, superior, bow sword.
4x heavy guns
4x LF, superior, musket.

“Refuse Force” – Me
3x mounted BGs of 4x armoured average, carbine, pistol horse.
1x mounted BG 4x unarmoured average, carbine, pistol horse.
1x mounted BG 4x LH, average , carbine
1x BG of 6x LF, average, arquebus
2x Keils of 10+2 unarmoured average.

During the games we occasionally swapped around the LF and average carbine horse.

Game 1: 10-10 vs Stephan Steadman’s Huguenot French
So terrian ended up fairly spread out and sparse. I took the right flank which did have a generous enclosed field. I was also responsible for our centre. Facing me I had the Royal Swiss, supports, artillery and a unit of dragoons. Simon had the opposite numbers and type of troops as his, plus another unit of dragoons. Steve had first move and threw his army forward. His dragoons pushing out on the flanks. The Swiss came down our centre. I managed to redeploy my horse across to the left centre. They where not going to make any real progress down my flank. Simon attacked. I managed to box in the dragoon unit and kill it. Simon was able to do the same for his side. That was our points for the game. Steve’s came from the even “Stephens” dice lottery from kurrissiers vs kurrissiers. We lost two units. The humour point came from the Swiss stream roller which was held by our average keil and allowed the average horse to work around the swiss’s rear for a charge, but last phase was called.

Game 2: 16-4 vs Joe and Geoff’s Ming Chinese
In the afternoon we found ourselves drawn against a large average shooting army of 22 battlegroups. This armies strength is in its numbers and lots of battle groups of bowmen with regimental guns. This means a 6 pack could put out 7 dice needing 4s to hit. To say we where a bit nervous was an understatement. To beat this army we are going to try to use out mounted manoveurability and only fight a smaller portion of the army at a time.

After terrian layout we had very little on our side, but their side was full of rough. Ideal for all of the MF. On the right flank I had an enclosed field.

The Ming deployed in three! Ranks of troops. We deployed in the extra flank areas leaving our centre empty. Both flanks made rapid advances with the Kiel’s absorbing ineffectual artillery fire. Kiel’s managed to advance out of arch and finished game with capturing a light artillery battery and ready to charge an unlucky Ming infantry unit. Which was having to ready it’s for a joint charge from a unit of horse.

Simon ran the superior mounted arm down left flank and into the Ming’s extreme right flank and their infantry anchored on some terrian. Eventually breaking these units. On my flank (our right flank) I push forward against four battle groups of average bow armed cavalry. These where deployed in skirmish 2×2 formation. During the advance one of our armoured average horse lost a base to enflading artillery and bow fire. This forced a mass charge on our side by two armoured average carbine horse. This turned out to be very fortuitous. Three of the Ming cavalry units where killed in two moves the surviving unit escaping fragmented.

The Ming army remained in there back quater, redeploying units out to the flanks. By the point time was called, the Ming had started push into our centre area.

Game 3: 23-2 vs Chis Ager’s Early Ottoman Turk
Sunday morning saw us facing the Turks. This version had a lot of LH and reduced infantry. I was facing the LH wing on our left wing. Simon deploy on our right facing the majority of the Turkish mounted. Our Kiel’s deployed centre left, screened by some terrian. We had first move and advanced aggressively across our armies frontage. The Turks pushed out to get evade space. Our left pushed in aggressively with support from our LF and keils. Bringing up the LF to supplement the shooting from the carbine horse made it completely undeniable for the LH as a times they where taking 5 shooting dice. The collapsing bag of LH eventually caved in, resulting in me taking the baggage camp and killing a number of units. Simon destroyed his opposing units and met me in the middle of the Turkish deployment zone. In fairness to Chris, it was going to be a hard matchup, but he ducked and dived his horse giving good account. Full blown Kussiassers bow/sword armed cavalry, mainly on ++ is always going to be a challenge. Chris fought hard and created a lot of trouble in our centre. Fortunately our Kussiassers unit managed to hold on until help arrived in the form of LH and a keil.

Game 4: 8-12 vs Simon (Lurkio) and Simon Foot version of our army
We entered our final game in second place. I was getting altitude sickness. Our opponents where fielding a strong foot version of list. Sensibly they closed down the board with plenty of terrian, which included a forest and generously sized steep hill. We where forced into hiding our mounted as best we could. Facing three tercios/keils one a superior ET was not an ideal match up. A very enjoyable game that was always going to be a challenge.

The highlight was Simons long range sniper fire with our artillery broke a large veil and a tercio with just fire! However their ET speed bumped our surviving average keil, the other one being lost to their artillery. I did get shiney baggage camp capture syndrome and cost us 4 pts when I got our LF caught trying to squeeze through a gap, that with hindsight wasn’t going to workout.

Third place but trophies only available for 1st and 2nd… Close but no cigar….