BHGS Doubles 2014 – Game 1 (6 – 19)

Brian and I teamed for the weekend to play in the Doubles. Jacobites was the choice. The army is a horde of massed warriors, musket* and sword. We went for the 18 bases of superior option.


Our first game saw us drawn against a Bavarian army of 6x packs of MF Bayonet/musket with regimental guns. A lot of shooting dice. Fortunately they where only allowed one superior foot unit. Our opponents where “new kids on the block”, Brendan and David. A pleasure to play (Even thou they won, mumble, crumble, mutter) and looking forward to “crossing dice” again in the future.

So the terrian: on our left flank went down a brush covered hill. In our centre a brush covered ridge and on our right flank an enclosed field. On the Bavarian side. Our left flank another enclosed field. They had elected for a couple of open spaces.


Jacobites: The Bavarian horse are going to be a problem, even though only average. Double plus at impact. Then more than likely up in the melee. So. We sent our small unit of mounted off board, on wander round our right flank with the FC. We put the Irish Pike/Shot unit on the end of left flank with a unit of superiors in support. The LF skirmishers and the other two units of superior warriors on the end of our right flank line. The rest of the line was a “phalanx” of average warriors, mainly in 8s with a 6 in rear support.

The deployed in divisional “check a board” their foot, with “far too many” mounted units on the wings. They also had a four gun battery of medium guns which went down against our left flank (my area of responsibility) and sighted on our pike and shot unit.

The Game:

We had first move and duly advanced across the whole line until we had taken the ridge in the centre. I flushed our left flank superior out onto the hill there to block the mounted and LH horse coming down that side. The Irish started to take hits from the artillery, but hung on. On the right flank our LF targeted some dragoons and won the fire fight, breaking the unit. The right side superiors after a bit of cautious movement pushed forward to pressure the Bavarian line. The right hand side wing of Bavarian mounted awaited our flank march to arrive. (Hehe chuckle chuckle).

Our flank march arrived and the Irish broke under the constant artillery fire. Our flank march of two bases of cavalry and an FC was able to slip past the Bavarian horse and cheese the march to the baggage camp! This unit was roughly handled by a unit of Bavarian horse before the end of game thou.

With the collapse of the Irish the Bavarians pushed into the Jacobite left flank taking a couple units with a balance of mounted charges supported by artillery. The small unit of Bavarian Hussars was blocked from getting too close to the exposed Jacobite camp by routing Jacobites. The end of the Jacobite centre was in real danger of being rolled up.

Meanwhile, (in good monty python form): the superiors on the Jacobite right where advancing and coming to grips with the Bavarian foot. Initial successes where forthcoming until a comedy situation of a Jacobite unit being held up by a Bavarian regiment which was within one base of collapsing. Eventually breaking the said Jacobite unit. The success of LF (in the end enclosed field) delayed the Bavarian mounted wing. Further frustrating them after the slip past of our flank. Eventually a combined all arms attack by the Bavarians on the Jacobite right collapsed that wing.

So with wings collapsing on the Jacobite army, the centre decided the time had come to stop mincing around on the ridge and charge the remaining Bavarian foot and Guard. So having weakened some of the foot through a musket fire fight, the Scots raise a bloodcurdling roar and rush down the hill to slam into the outnumbered Bavarian. After a few short, sharp rounds, the highlander charge carries through only to find they are the last ones standing and the rest of the Jacobite army had gone home.

Casualties at this point cause our army to count as broken. A count up at the end shows how close it had been in the end. The Bavarians where within one unit of breaking themselves (12/14 pts). An honourable win to the. Bavarians.


Farnborough – Game 3

Final game saw me match against an old club member, Tom Ellsworth… We hadnt played in many a year and was hoping to get a game. Tom brought Early Louis French, which meant I would not have the advantage at impact…. This was going to be a challenge, but one we where up for. Final score was 21-3… giving me a firm hold on bottom place…

g35 g32 g31 g33 g34

Farnborough – Game 2

Game 2 sees me matched against Mark Fry and his Cromwells New Model Army List. His determined horse Ironsides as expected just roll over my jacobites, putting me firmly on the back foot by the end of move 3. Mark took the jacobite right, where as I managed to cause some damage on the centre and left. Including getting Cromwell himself, through a bit of cheeze of killing the horse he was attached to and no where to escape to…. The game ended a 22 – 3 to Mark. The game was great fun with lots of tense and fun moments…

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Jacobites at Farnborough Bash

Courstey of Tim Porter (

“laddies… Form column, uphill and we can pretend those charging DH lead by Cromwell aren’t there and it won’t smart as they are only on single plus”… Oh by the end of the game we had cheezed killing the DH and killed Cromwell 🙂 but don’t mention we still lost the game…