Runners and riders for Warfare 2014

WARFARE 2014 – Field of Glory: Rennaissance 15mm
Regnans in Excelcis
Runners and Riders

Name Club Army
Player #
1 Tim Porter Central London Early Danish
2 Nigel Emsen Solent Mughal
3 Simon LeRay-Meyer Central London Early Ottoman Turkish
4 Paul Freeman Burton Later Imperial Austrian
5 Bob Medcraft Oxford Caroline Imperialist
6 Alasdair Harley Oxford Crimean Tartar Umpire
7 Don McHugh Clevedon Early Polish
8 Kevin Johnson Halifax Hungarian Umpire
9 Mike Pickering Essex Italian States
10 Lynnette Maxim Swiss
11 Don Avis MKWS Early Henrician English Umpire
12 Dave M Allen Central London Western Sudanese
13 Keith Spedding October Early Danish
14 Lance Flint Farnborough Colonial Spanish
15 Ray Boyles October Caroline Imperialist
16 Peter Davis Chesterfield Italian Wars French
17 Stewart Johnson Bangor Heroes Early Imperial Spanish
18 Stephen Stead Reigate Caroline Imperialist
19 David Parish Reigate Colonial Portuguese
20 Simon Clarke Burton Western Sudanese
21 Paul Robinson Reigate Japanese
22 David Eggleston No club Early Imperial Spanish
23 Peter Cross Ilford Ming Chinese
24 Ben Jones Oxford Japanese
25 Paul Kitcher Ilford Aviz Portuguese
26 Jim Gibson MKWS Maximilian Imperial


An alternative Mughals… Safavid Persians..

Another choice is Safavid persians. Similar with artillery…

Safavid persians
4x TCs
8x BGs of super our armoured horse archers
2x BGs of LH
1x BG of 6x MF, average, arquebus
1x BG of 2x med guns

This years Warfare 2014 Army List.

This years competition is:

“FOGR (Regnans in Exelcis – 15mm, 800points, 6’x4’-ish tables) – 32
Armies and the options chosen must be dated before 1570. No Battle Troops with Musket, Musket*, Salvo or Impact Pistol may be used.”

So I have opted for an armoured superior horse archer list. Also by taking this choice I have minimal painting to do.

Colonies and Conquest.

Date 1508 AD, page 84.


Points: 800.
PBI: 2+
4x TC’s

  • 8x BG’s of 4x Cavalry, Superior, Armoured, Bow, Sword.
  • 1x BG of 4x Cavalry, Average, Unarmoured, Bow, Sword.
  • 3x BG’s of 3x Light Horse, Average, Unarmoured, Bow, Sword.